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To Find a Killer - Doug Greco

Happy Pride Month!

"To Find a Killer" is a thoroughly researched and perceptive examination of the difficulties that the LGBTQ community must overcome.

The author sets the stage for a provocative examination of the difficulties faced by LGBTQ people with a stunning opening story of the terrible murder of his former student Norma Hurtado, and her mother, Maria Hurtado. The book's ability to emphasize the intersectional nature of the problems affecting the LGBTQ community is one of its significant merits. Greco skillfully draws connections between issues like gender identity, sexual orientation, and the larger socioeconomic struggles that underprivileged people experience. In doing so, he offers a thorough knowledge of the structural issues that must be resolved in order to establish true equality.

Legal equality is an important component of the LGBTQ movement, but Greco broadens the story to include a wider spectrum of socioeconomic problems. He urges readers to understand the wider effects of discrimination and inequality by arguing for a comprehensive approach. The author effectively draws attention to the pressing need to solve problems including access to healthcare, employment discrimination, and economic inequalities.

With ease, Greco's storytelling style draws readers in and asks them to identify with the difficulties faced by members of this neglected community. The author offers doable and realistic alternatives and lends credence to his arguments with his experience as a grassroots organizer.

For anyone interested in the LGBTQ movement, social justice, or political activity, "To Find a Killer" is a must-read. Greco's skill in fusing political analysis, personal anecdotes, and a strong call to action results in a fascinating and educational book that inspires readers to consider the steps required to achieve real equality and justice for all.

Publisher: ‎ Gaudium Publishing (June 6, 2023)

Language: ‎ English

Paperback: ‎ 120 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1592112982

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