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The Enchanted Wind- Tanya Volkova

This wonderful story happened the day when Inka, angry with her mother, decided to hide from her, or even to leave completely. She wanted her mother to regret the quarrel and finally realize how it would be to live without her daughter. “I'll disappear! I don't want such a mom!”- the girl hadn't even finished this thought when her wish was granted. Inka found herself in an old swamp, and the Dark ones were already waiting for her in the thick fog. They were servants of wicked Fria - a bloodthirsty witch. Many years ago, she had seized power in a land that used to be beautiful, called the Nameless Land, and was destroying the lives of all its residents. The formerly blooming and colorful world had become a sullen, cold, and lifeless place under Fria's curse. All the magical creatures were suffering from fear and loneliness, hiding from the evil witch in their small, secluded burrows. No one could fight against the evil that had been let loose in the fairyland. Inka had to be very brave to find her way back home from this inhospitable world - the way back to her mother. The incredible adventures test her courage to the limit. Her new friends help her discover her true nature and her good heart. And the magic captures the imagination of every reader. If you miss reading about wonders and riddles, step into the pages of this book filled with enchanting illustrations by Galia Zinko, whose style is called "the children's gothic" by her fans. Enjoy a brilliant fairy world and solve mysteries. If you pay attention and use your senses, you'll feel the magic all around you.

My review: The Enchanted Wind reminded me of the Wizard of Oz right at the beginning, but it turned out to be a unique fantasy story filled with developing characters and creatures, set in a beautiful (but scary) world. The main character, Inka, loses everything she knows and embarks on a journey of self-discovery. What struck me the most was the art. The illustrations are out of this world. Galia Zin'ko, the artist known for creating "children's gothic" artwork, helped the author bring to life the story in such a way that any young reader could find themselves living through the eyes of the characters. The work she put into creating even the smallest details turned the whole book into a work of art. Highly recommended, not just for children, but for adults who want to escape in a colorful fantasy world for a while.

Publisher: ‎ Histria Kids (October 11, 2022)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 215 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1592111855

Reading age: ‎ 9 - 12 years

Review copy provided by Independent Publishers Group @ Edelweiss+

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