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The Bucharest Dossier- William Maz

Bill Hefflin is a man apart—apart from life, apart from his homeland, apart from love

At the start of the 1989 uprising in Romania, CIA analyst Bill Hefflin—a disillusioned Romanian expat—arrives in Bucharest at the insistence of his KGB asset, code-named Boris. As Hefflin becomes embroiled in an uprising that turns into a brutal revolution, nothing is as it seems, including the search for his childhood love, which has taken on mythical proportions.

With the bloody events unfolding at blinding speed, Hefflin realizes the revolution is manipulated by outside forces, including his own CIA and Boris—the puppeteer who seems to be pulling all the strings of Hefflin's life.

The Bourne Identity Meets John le Carre's The Spy Who Came In from the Cold

My Review: As a Romanian native I was skeptical at first. I'm not sure what the background of the author is, but he managed to create a convincing story using the Revolution as background. He accurately uses Romanian words and cultural factors, which is not often seen in books of fiction related to this land. The story itself is packed with action and intrigue and portrayed so vividly that readers of this genre will have a hard time putting it down. This book definitely needs to be translated in Romanian, so all those who lived through the events of 1989 can enjoy it.

Review copy provided by IPG @ Edelweiss+

Publisher: Oceanview Publishing; First Edition (March 15, 2022)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 336 pagesISBN-10: ‎ 1608094766

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1608094769

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