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Nestlings - Nat Cassidy

A Chilling Dive into Modern Horror

Nat Cassidy's novel Nestlings delves into a spine-chilling narrative that captures the essence of contemporary worries interwoven with classic horror elements. The plot revolves around Ana and Reid, a couple dealing with a traumatic birth that has left Ana paralyzed, resentful, and dealing with an abundance of challenges. It is set in the prestigious Deptford, one of Manhattan's famous buildings. Their good fortune in winning a cheap apartment lottery appears to be a bright turn of events, but it swiftly turns into a frightening tale of strange occurrences and terrors.

Cassidy brilliantly blends New York City's frenetic speed with a network of frightening incidents that progressively intrude on the couple's life. The alarming dread Ana feels, disregarded by Reid as part of New York's peculiarities, develops into a terrifying story, culminating with the finding of inexplicable needle-like bite marks on their baby. The horrific tale mimics the city's relentless pulse, driving readers into a real sensation of dread.

What sets Nestlings apart is its ability to flawlessly combine classic horror clichés with modern-day fears. The author cleverly uses post-2020 issues into the plot, intensifying the terrifying experience. Cassidy's excellent storytelling brings readers to the darker parts of the human (or inhuman) psyche, exploring the depths of terror and sorrow.

Overall, Nestlings is an outstanding horror tale that exceeds expectations.

Review copy provided by Macmillan @ NetGalley

Publisher: ‎ Tor Nightfire (October 31, 2023)

Language: ‎ English

Paperback: ‎ 304 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1250265258

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