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Molly – A Love Story by Dana Brackob, Illustrated by Evgeniya Kozhevnikova

Molly – A Love Story is a true story about a cute little Pit Bull, lost and alone in the world until one day she was rescued and given a home. Molly’s story teaches children about the unconditional love that a dog can bring into the lives of a family. As a cancer survivor, Molly overcame adversity, and her story shows that despite every hardship, true love is everlasting. Children and dog lovers of all ages will be touched by Molly’s story and that of her adopted brother Logan, a Siberian Husky who became her best friend. A portion of the sale of each copy of Molly – A Love Story will go to support animal shelters in the Las Vegas area.

Dana Brackob lives and works in Las Vegas. She was Molly’s real-life mom and wanted to share her story. Pit Bulls are often maligned, but Molly proved that they are one of the most loving types of dogs. The illustrator, Evgeniya Kozhevnikova, is a talented Russian artist living in Tomsk, Siberia. Her other illustrated books include The Life and Times of Fuzzy Wuzzy, also published by Histria Kids.

My Review: An absolutely stunning children's book. The watercolor illustrations are out of this world. Even though this book came out a while ago, I read it to my son over and over again and he loves Molly with all his heart. Despite being such a heart-warming tale of friendship and compassion based on the life of a real dog, it teaches small children about illness and grief. My son asked me many questions about cancer and what happens after a pet dies after hearing the story for the first time. Not long after he got acquainted with Molly, we lost one of our pet rabbits and we had a talk about it by giving this story as an example. I highly recommend it to any parent that wants to teach their children about the loss of a pet and the grieving process.

Another thing that is exceptional is that a part of the profit from this book is donated to the animal shelters. Molly was a rescue and even in death she gives back through her human parents.

An Audible version is available to accompany the physical book and help the little ones who can't yet read.

Publisher: Histria Kids

54 pp


Date of Publication: April 6, 2021

ISBN 978-1-59211-100-8

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