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Little Warriors, Big Lives - Esther Fausett

Little Warriors, Big Lives is an engaging poetry picture book that empowers and comforts children battling critical illnesses that are both winning and losing their fight. It allows caregivers, friends, and family to read to children relatable poems that are positive, upbeat, daring, optimistic, fun, and heart-warming despite their diagnosis. It’s a collection of enjoyable literary works that collides the pediatric critical illness world with encouragement, solace, and lightheartedness.

Deviant Quill Review: This little (but not so little) poetry picture book is something new that should have existed for a long time. There are not many like it out there, and those that exist don't tackle this sensitive subject like Esther Fausett does. Written by a mother whose two-year-old son was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroblastoma and is now in remission (congratulations Solomon!), Little Warriors, Big Lives is an inclusive and multicultural poetry book that inspires children with cancer and other critical illnesses to fight and be thankful for all those around them. The illustrations are beautiful, vibrant, and very expressive. It encourages both those winning and those still battling with all their might. Highly recommended for every parent/friend/caregiver of a child who is in this situation, every waiting room, and every hospital shop.

It's particularly important to mention that a portion of the proceeds from every copy sold will be donated towards supporting cancer research, and for every 100 copies sold, the publisher will be donating a book to a hospital.

Review copy provided by Histria Kids

Publisher: ‎ Histria Kids (November 1, 2022)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 28 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1592111718

Reading age: ‎ 5 - 7 years

Grade level: ‎ Kindergarten - 2

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