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Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality - Valentina Dzherson

Valentina Dzherson’s book Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality is unique. For the first time, a European performer, perhaps Russia’s most famous adult film star, tells her story about how and why she got into the industry. Known to the world as Gina Gerson, Valentina shares her story of growing up in Siberia just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. She is very open about her upbringing and shares intimate details of her life.

Readers will be surprised to learn that Valentina, although she was always a very sexual person, remained a virgin until she went to the University. The story of how she entered the adult film industry and why she stuck with it will be surprising to many who have preconceived notions about girls being manipulated into it. Valentina clearly made her own choices for her own reasons, as she explains in the book, and she has never regretted those choices.

Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality is also unique in that it is not only an autobiography but also a type of self-help book. As someone who has been a very successful business entrepreneur, and someone very happy with her own life, Valentina shares the secrets of her success which she believes that others can apply in their own lives, regardless of their occupation or background. Here she provides some valuable insights about self-confidence that can benefit many readers. While this dual nature of her book is intriguing, one of the downsides is that she does become repetitive in places as she revisits stories form the autobiographical section of the book to reinforce her ideas in the self-help portion.

In addition to providing insight into her own mindset, the story of Valentina’s upbringing in post-Soviet Russia is quite interesting as it gives readers a first-hand account of Russian society during that period and the challenges that people faced. It would have been valuable if she had developed these aspects even more in telling her story.

Although she is known foremost as an adult film performer, Valentina is also a successful model, singer, and now a published author. While many adult performers have written autobiographical accounts, such as Jerry Butler’s Raw Talent, Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love to a Pornstar: A Cautionary Tale, Heather Hunter’s Insatiable, and India Morel’s Infamous, most of these have been written by Americans. A few have been written by Europeans: Verona van de Leur’s Simply Verona and Zara Whites’ Ma vie et mes fantasmes come to mind. Valentina’s book is the first by a Russian performer.

The book includes two, 16-page, full-color photo inserts. In the first insert, Valentina shares never-before-seen photos of her family life and growing up in Siberia. The second insert includes photos of her work as one of Europe’s most sought-after models. The photos are well-selected and will certainly be of great interest to readers.

From the point of view of fans of adult entertainment, one aspect that is missing is Valentina’s thoughts on other performers that she has worked with, their relationships behind the camera. Fans generally enjoy this type of industry gossip and would love to learn what she thinks about other prominent industry performers. Perhaps Valentina will share some of this in a future book.

Overall, Gina Gerson: Success through Inner Power and Sexuality is a book that both entertains and informs. Anyone interested in the adult industry, or anyone just wanting to read the story of a strong, independent-minded woman who has built a successful career challenging preexisting stereotypes that people have about her industry and those involved in it will enjoy reading Valentina’s book. It is available at and all major book retailers. I encourage you to read it.

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