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Encyclopedia of Ordinary Things - Stepanka Sekaninova, Eva Chupikova

Who said ordinariness is boring? This book shows ordinary things, along with their origins and inventors, in a new light. Come explore their secrets!

They’re all around us. We use them daily, pass them by, and it never occurs to us to stop and think about where they came from. What, you ask? The most ordinary things in the world, of course! Shoes, umbrellas, toothbrushes, toothpicks, socks, dolls, and so on and so forth. How did they come to be? Who invented them? How did they develop and change over time? To learn the answers to these questions, peek behind the curtain that drapes the most ordinary things in mystery. Then read on and learn the story of common things.

My review: The perfect little book to answer the most asked question: "Why?"

Every parent knows that children don't stop asking this question after they learned it. All of us were probably stuck at one point trying to answer. This encyclopedia has answers to a bunch of questions related to objects in our everyday life, such as beds, shoes, toilets, toothbrushes, toys, umbrellas, and so many more. The illustrations are fun and engaging. The visual chronology showing how things changed throughout the centuries is perfect for curious little minds. Amusing little facts are sprinkled all over the encyclopedia making it fun to read and understand.

What's even better is that you'll learn together with your child. I was today-years-old when I found out the high-fashion of toys in Ancient Egypt were dolls made to resemble mummies.

Publisher: ‎ Albatros Media (October 5, 2021)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 96 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-8000061283

Reading age: ‎ 6 - 12 years

Grade level: ‎ 1 - 2

Review copy provided by Ingram Publisher Services @ Edelweiss+

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