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Dracula (baby edition) - Bram Stoker, A.H. Hill, Greg Paprocki

When a mysterious client invites Jonathan Harker to Transylvania, the young realtor doesn't hesitate to travel to Count Dracula's spooky, crumbly castle. But the count has strange habits; he acts like a bat and tries to bite people. Can Jonathan and his fiancée Mina teach the creepy count how to make friends? Trade in horror for the most adorable Count Dracula ever seen in the creature's 125-year history! Introduce little readers to a take on Bram Stoker's gothic classic Dracula.

With foil on the cover and engaging illustrations throughout, Baby's Classics: Dracula is a delightful addition to baby's first story time collection! It's never too early to introduce the littlest readers to the greatest stories. Written with baby in mind, this gothic retelling promises to delight parents and kids alike.

From Starry Forest Books, Baby's Classics will delight your little one with the world's best stories. Collect them all!

My Review: At first glance I didn't think this story could be adapted for a very young audience. Without knowing of this book's existence, I tried to explain to my 5-year-old the fictional Dracula was a vampire, and I did a not-so-great job. A day later I stumbled upon this upcoming release, and I HAD to take a look at it. I'm Romanian (full blooded Transylvanian actually) and many of us are not big fans of Bram Stoker's Dracula but we must admit the vampire phenomenon has been going strong for decades. Fans of classic horror would find this book exceptionally well-written for small children. There's no better way to introduce them to the vampire fandom than this "baby version".

The book itself has no gory details. All the explicit scenes have been left out. Despite the main characters trying to stop Count Dracula, they do so in a very gentle, non-violent way. Spoiler alert nobody gets killed or injured. There are no brides, no blood, and no stakes to the heart. Some characters and missing, but you can't have everything if you want the story to be simplified and easy to be understood by a 3-year-old. The friendly approach to this classic is accompanied by beautiful and amusing illustrations that will entertain a child guaranteed.

Publisher: Starry Forest Books

Expected release date: March 8, 2022

ISBN 9781951784089, 1951784081

Board Book | 24 pages

Review copy provided by Ingram @ Edelweiss+

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