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Dancing with Daddy - Anitra Rowe Schulte, Ziyue Chen

Elsie can’t wait to go to her first father-daughter dance. She picked out the perfect dress and has been practicing swirling and swaying in her wheelchair. Elsie’s heart pirouettes as she prepares for her special night. With gestures, smiles, and words from a book filled with pictures, she shares her excitement with her family. But when a winter storm comes, she wonders if she’ll get the chance to spin and dance her way to a dream come true.

My Review: This picture book is an exceptional way to make children with disabilities included in literature. The story was inspired by one of the author's daughters who lives with a disability just like Elsie (the main character) who has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Despite me not having a child with a disability, I strongly believe the story would build a bridge to communication between children and their parents by helping them feel more confident and by encouraging them to ask questions. Elsie's story is exceptionally well-written, moving, and inclusive. The illustrations capture main scenes beautifully. It would make a great gift even for a child that doesn't have special needs. It teaches empathy and compassion in a gentle way.

Publisher: ‎ Two Lions (December 1, 2021)

Language: ‎ English

Hardcover: ‎ 40 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1542007191

Reading age: ‎ 3 - 7 years

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